I create things*, and I support diversity and inclusion in IT.

Delivering a workshop for Muses Code JS.

*Mobile Web App

A couple of screenshots of the application.


Guides in drafting a circle skirt sewing pattern

Drafting a sewing pattern to create a new garment requires time and energy, and any mistake in the preparation can turn out costly later on when you start sewing.

SkirtMeUp◌ guides the user through the process of creating a circle skirt pattern in three steps only, giving feedback about their choices at each of them.

I built the app using the Ionic framework that utilises NodeJS. Due to its character, I decided to design the architecture using model, service, controller, and templates. The application does not require login details, nor subscriptions.

This calculator has organically grown into 450 active installs on Android devices in its peak.


*Android Native App

A couple of screenshots of the application.

Study Work Balance

Tracks work hours for international students

As an international student in Australia, you would most likely be restricted by your student visa conditions to work limited hours during your school term, and unlimited during your holidays. Making sure you can quickly decide to take on more work is vital.

I created this app to help international students keep track of the limits, taking into account 40 hours maximum per fortnight for any week in their school term.

I built this app with Android in Java, utilising the Room persistence library to store work hours. I used the Open Doodles illustrations by Pablo Stanley. You can download the app in early access.


*Hybrid Mobile App

A couple of screenshots of the application.


Evaluates core values of productivity sessions

Spending time on productivity sessions, and labeling them with vague terms like "Work" or "School"? Clocking in without thinking about how your progress aligns with your life values?

This app offers values like creativity, perseverance, and others, and it lets you reflect and affirm the core values as the ultimate life success metric.

I built this app with the Ionic framework, similar to my SkirtMeUp◌ app, involving Android native vibrations and sound effects. Some nature sounds, pictures, and their titles draw inspiration from the beautiful sacred places of Australia, and I pay respect to the traditional custodians of this land.

Why contact me today?

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Who am I?

A software developer!

I have been a coding enthusiast for more than a decade, and as a Bachelor of Software Engineering, I have a passion for continuous learning. I am on a mission of exploring tech, practising, and giving back, keeping inclusivity and support at the forefront of my mind. I had been working and volunteering as a mentor in IT for the past year and a half. I study and live in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

How can I help?

Why, I can help by coding!

Are you looking for a software developer for your company? That might be me! I would love to share my passion for inclusion and continuous learning.

Should we collaborate?


I strive to create useful products and collaborate. My ideal next role would allow me to inspire and support others while being creative and keep learning on the job. Can you imagine me working within your company or team? If so, don't hesitate to touch base!